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"Journey" (edited sample) from thoughts by Atsumi



Life comes full circle.

I always stayed true to my heart and morals 

making Believers out of Those who once stopped 

believing in me.

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Whilst on a run on a difficult day of difficult decision making,

I heard a rhythm from my feet, an arpeggio from my mind, a melody from my heart.

From that day forth, a new life began.



On 3-11-11 in Japan, a magnitude 9.0

earthquake and tsunami

brought devastation to my Family's birthplace

in Sendai.

I was in Japan that day, an experience that will

forever haunt me. I was able to escape

but had to make the choice whether or not to return...

I learned to not let fear live my life.

Love is always more important.


Heart Full

The missing piece. The other half.

The one who fills the space in-between. 

Connecting the space I did not know existed.










In memory of Adelyn Big Darling Foreman

Inspired by the love shared between the Big Darling and Little Darling.

To sacrifice your own well being to make someone else feel better.

To show Love even when it hurts or is uncomfortable.

To intentionally and mindfully create happiness.

  To guide the transition from the last breath. 

To feel completely heartbroken when

you have to say Goodbye.

This. Is. Unspoken.

Atsumi UD109 - 7-21-19 - CD image for we



All Stories composed by Atsumi Foreman

Special thanks to Michael Crain - Producer, Dru Betts - Percussion, Jill Daley - Violin, Sacha Phelps - Violin, Steve Hidook - Artwork, Eric Esteban - Photography, Myrna Ortiz Garcia - Hair/Make Up,  Jack Bartlett - Tech, Teruko Atsumi, Ron Foreman, Jenny Conrader, Laura Branigan and Kemi - the best doggie ever! Also thankful for all of the experiences, highs and lows, that created this Music.

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