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World Music with Japanese Taiko Drums

ZEROtaiko is a musical journey.

Experience a worldbeat fusion of old and new while feeling the visual performance of taiko. It is a customizable collection of musicians who share the passion of playing music from the heart. Catering to all ages, ZEROtaiko encompasses many genres of music creating an atmosphere like no other, connecting with it’s audience through the harmony and vibration of music and art.

Created in 2000,  ZEROtaiko has performed in numerous venues throughout the eastern United States from New York City to Shreveport through Miami. Extremely versatile, ZEROtaiko has headlined festivals, corporate and private events. Atsumi leads the ensemble and can perform as a solo act for show stopping openers, closers and interludes as well as ambient atmosphere entertainment. Collaborations are also welcomed. With the ability to add-on an array of musicians, ZEROtaiko can cater to any production, small or large incorporating just about any instrument desired. Audiences are instantly captivated and exhilarated by the power of ZEROtaiko.

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