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ZEROtaiko's journey includes...

"Spirit" (edited sample) from EDIFY

                                                                        Steve Hidook
                                                                                          Media Artist for ZEROtaiko 2001-present​

                                          Steve Hidook graduated from the Atlanta College of Art with a

BFA in illustration and has worked as a freelance Artist since 2000. He has worked with ZEROtaiko since 2001.


                                                                     Richard A. Cravens Jr.

                                                                                      An integral piece of ZT's foundation 2002-2011

                                                                                        Richard's passion for percussion began at an early age, receiving his first drum before the age of one. Naturally, he continued on his percussive path throughout grade school and college, where he studied on a music scholarship. Opportunities have taken him across the globe including a percussion contract with Tokyo Disneyland Japan, where he discovered his love for taiko. Richard has been a freelance musician and actor most of his life, contracted at Walt Disney World and a full time performer in blue with Blue Man Group. He has been a co-star on shows such as Burn Notice, The Glades and Revolution. Currently, he is a Show Designer / Performance Consultant for The Cadets and Infinity Percussion and Show Director at Universal Orlando Resort.

                                                                                         Deshone Williams

​                                                                                                   Afro-Cuban Percussion 2001-2004

                                                                          ​Deshone learned percussion from the age of five from a legend and neighbor, Steven Thorton, percussionist for Miles Davis. He continued studying under legends like Al Bennett, percussionist for Steve Wonder. Coming from a family of boxers, Deshone grew up battling his love for Congas and boxing. As a "Welter Weight Champion" a near tragic injusry, a severe break in the neck, made Deshone realize what was most important in his life, God and music. He decided to take percussion seriously helping newcomers Indie.Arie and Blu Cantrell get their start, as well as performed with big names OutKast, Kool and the Gang and Lenny Kravitz. Deshone's objective in life is to “utilize a gift given to me via the spirit of God and the fullness of spreading His word.”

                                                                                           Chip Epsten

                                                                                                    Violin 2001-2005

                                                                                        Chip Epsten’s wry, quirky music has appeared in numerous films and works for theater and dance, at venues in the USA and Europe. Epsten plays violin with the DeLuxe Vaudeville Orchestra, the wedding-and-bar-mitzvah band Oy Klezmer and the totally out-there 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra.

Rick UR Foreman, Danny Stern, Ringtaro Tateishi, Hiro Nukui, Junko Nukui, Marisa Cleghorn, David Lougee, Rumonn Carr, Jared Burnett, Tania Ortega-Cowan, Mike Daley, Eric Esteban, Yoko Matsushita, Laura Ingalls, Holly Dodd, Jack Bartlett, Rachael name a few.

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